Great week getting back in the gym!! I was nervous what with taking two weeks off and what not, but it has been awesome! And by awesome, I mean horrible as far as sore muscles go!!

My legs especially. Walking is a burden on my life.  Still love the workout splits and fitnessandfasting are hitting day 2 of Back/Bi/Tri this afternoon! 

IF update. 

It is taking some time to ease back into Intermittent Fasting. I’ve been so hungry again during fasted states this week after eating whatever and whenever I wanted last week. My stomach is coming back around though.

OK, now to this weeks weigh in. I told you guys about how before vacation, I had broken into the 240’s but knew it was out the window because VACATION! Well I was happy that I’d only gained about 1.5lbs on debauchery week, but bummed that my stint in the 240’s was short lived. Well people (you see where this going, this paragraph was set up like a RomCom) I weighed in today at 248.8!!! 2lb loss this week!

So I’m happy to say the least! Take care guys!!!

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